Tóth Attiláné Szalay Ágnes, alkotóművész

Tóth Attiláné Szalay Ágnes

I was born in Mekényes, Baranya county in 1944. My father and my paternal grandfather were both foresters, the love of nature is in my genes. We lived in a big forest between Mekényes and Döbrököz, far from everything. I had a fantastic, but hard childhood, living in a forest is not easy still nowadays. Getting to the faraway school with my sister every day on the dusty, potholed roads was very demanding. Our signs on the long journey were some well known bushes, trees, ornamented with mistletoe
. In the forest, winter darkness is longer than anywhere else. Sitting around the old petroleum lamp-which was really helpful those times- my mother taught me drawing, reciting poems, and noticing all the beauty that surrounded us.
Maybe I just realised now, many years after, how rich we were in that poverty. I still live of those treasures up to these days, when I depict those forests and dusty paths on my paintings. These images keep my father’s pads, while he takes a walk with his dogs around his territory.
It’s a great gift from life, that my adulthood is also linked to nature. The beauty and cosiness of the forests of Tamási appear on my paintings, because I live here, and all my adult memories are from here.
My childhood, the wonders of living in a forest deeply live in me, and I want this to get to everyone and to transmit it to the next generations through my paintings.
I could give the love and respect of nature to my students as well, thanks to many great open-air schools. I spent 40 years as a teacher. During my work, I found it useful to help children understand things through art, drawings.
I am a member of Bárka Művészeti Szalon in Tolna, Pannon Art Line Egyesület in Somogy, Alkotó Kör in Székesfehérvár, and the Baráti Kör of Nógrád. I attend art camps 4 or 5 times a year, where I can broaden my knowledge under the guidance of known artists.
My first exhibiton was in Tamási. Since then, I got to show my work many places. I had over 200 substantive or joint exhibitions. I had a chance twice to present my work in Austria.
My paintings are also in public and in private properties, home and abroad.
My topics are inspired by traditional scenes of nature.
Although I am a retired teacher, I feel like I am still passing on the love and respect of nature through my work.

Ha egy pillanatra megáll a rohanó idő a képek nézegetése során,
ha valami szépnek tűnik bennük,
már nem volt hiábavaló egyetlen ecsetvonás sem.

( Tóth Attiláné Szalay Ágnes )

„ Csakis az a tudás ér valamit,
Amelyet magunk szerzünk magunknak,
velünk született érdeklődésből és
Szenvedélyes tudásvágyból.”

( Paul Leuntau )

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